Our training provides the knowledge that creates immediate positive change in job performance.

Management Consulting
Training Programs
Training Seminars
Additional Training
County & Municipal
Keynote Speaking

Planning on the County and Municipal Level

Strategic Planning - Action Planning - Getting Results - Progress Measurement

Supervising/Managing/Motivating in a Governmental Setting

Supervisory Development Program (Topics Tailored to Department/Agency)

Discipline and Documentation – Strategies and Techniques

Simulations, Exercises and Skill Development

Diversity Training

Effective Coaching and Mentoring

Recruitment and Selection – Strategies and Techniques

Managing a Municipal/County Crisis

Getting the Most From Meetings

Conflict Resolution

Change Management

Effective Time Management - Techniques and Methods – Setting/Managing Priorities

Communication Training
    - Improving Individual and Group Communication Effectiveness
    - Communication for Public Contact Personnel
    - Communication for Supervisory/Management Personnel
    - Skill Development – Video Training
    - Communicating With Community Members

Dealing With Difficult People

Client/Customer Service Techniques

Administrative Assistant/Clerical Training

Creating a Proactive Community Outreach

Building an Effective Governmental Team

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