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Below are some of our most requested seminar topics. We tailor our training to the client’s specific needs and audience, and can develop additional topics as needed.

Customer Service
Understanding the customer of today and the future/Total quality service/The customer's role/Assessing our efforts/The principles of a service commitment/Customer retention and growth/Building customer loyalty.

Professional Sales Skills
This program encompasses basic sales skills: Planning; Pre-approach; Approach; Presentation; Closing; Record keeping; and, Follow–through. It encompasses territory management, relationship selling, communication and listening as well as forecasting and tracking sales. All attendees are provided a self-evaluation format and an outline for self-improvement.

Supervisory/Management Skills
This seminar addresses the reality that many, if not most, supervisors/managers are thrust into their positions with little or no background, experience or training. Attendees learn basic supervisory/management skills including responsibility, authority, leadership, coaching, dealing with conflict, dealing with angry people, giving clear instructions, dealing with diversity, goal setting, monitoring/measuring performance, and learning to assess themselves.

Cycle of Change®
This presentation examines the Cycle of Change® and it's ramifications. This includes the interrelationships and roles of managers, staff, supervisors and employees in dealing with the inevitable changes faced every day. Attendees will learn how to be an agent of change and not a victim and to make change a positive experience.

Effective Meetings
Most meetings are unnecessary and those which are necessary are too often needlessly long, boring and ineffectual. This presentation will have an immediate effect on the quality of meetings called and/or chaired by attendees.

Roles, Responsibilities and Duties of Boards and Board Members
There is a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding about this topic. This seminar provides board members with a clear understanding of the topic and provides some basic tools to help them and their boards to function properly.

Most committees are unwieldy, unproductive or, worse, counter-productive. This presentation explores the roles of the chair, committee members and committees as entities. Attendees develop a clear understanding of how to establish and/or participate in effective committees.

Time Management

The concept of Time Management has been in existence for more than 100 years. Unfortunately, the term ‘Time Management’ creates a false impression of what one is able to do. Time can’t be managed; it is uncontrollable – we can manage only ourselves and our use of time.

This seminar teaches that time management is actually self management. It focuses on the fact that the skills we need to manage others are the same skills we  need to manage ourselves, i.e., the ability to plan, delegate, organize, direct, control, measure and monitor.

Anger and Conflict
Anger is a real emotion and conflict is part of everyday life in the workplace. This presentation will provide attendees with a new vocabulary of anger as well as a several useful approaches to dealing with their own anger and the anger of others. In addition, they will develop a simple but meaningful and useful profile of their conflict management style.

The single most common issue with all organizations. This presentation will provide attendees with a clear understanding of their own communication styles as well as learning how to determine and accept the styles of others. Included in the seminar are aspects of listening, feedback and how to give meaningful instructions.

Crisis Management
Too often we accept crises as the norm. This presentation provides a fresh approach to understanding and dealing with crises. It examines the characteristics of crises, the four classes of crises, how to cope with each of them and is based on original writing and concepts.

Coaching, Mentoring, Motivation and Leadership
These are the four key aspects of successful supervision, management and team leadership. Although they are too often ignored or given little attention, they are critical to success and this presentation focuses on how to interweave and use all of them in dealing with others.

Layperson's View of Financial Statements
This two hour seminar outlines both cash flow and reading and understanding corporate financial statements in simple, understandable terms.

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