We are hands-on consultants and advisors
working to help companies capitalize on success.

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L. Douglas Mault
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Owners, executives and managers often feel that a consultant is required only when there is a problem to be solved. However, experience has shown that the best use of a professional consultant is to utilize their knowledge of a diverse universe to capitalize on success, prevent problems and exploit opportunities.

We are hands-on consultants and advisors and often become part of the client's team. Our information flow is direct, objective and based on thorough involvement. Our strengths are curiosity, listening & observing skills, insights on business, problem solving ability, objectivity, candor, action orientation and good communications. Clients can be assured of total commitment, confidentiality and completeness.


Our methodology for dealing with opportunities or problems is to:

Recognize and define the opportunity or problem; 

Analyze the opportunity or problem;

Determine alternative plans of action;

Select and develop appropriate plan(s);

Determine resources needed to implement plan(s); 

Implement selected plan(s);

Work closely with client to insure plans and programs are implemented;

Keep Management informed by regular briefings and flow of information
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