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L. Douglas Mault
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Executive Advisory Institute (EAI) is a management consulting and training firm formed twenty years ago by L. Douglas Mault to provide management assistance and strategic direction to companies of all types throughout North America and Europe.

EAI's services are directed to solving problems associated with rapid growth, start-ups, turn-arounds, acquisitions and dispositions. We work closely with Owners, Boards of Directors, Chief Executives, Senior Managers and other key personnel as designated.

Clients include Fortune 500 corporations, large and small privately or closely held companies as well as governmental and non-profit organizations.

Management Consulting
We take a hands-on approach with all clients and become familiar with their operations, opportunities and problems. Our broad and diversified background allows for thorough analysis of clients' situations, circumstances or problems and for the development of clear, concise, direct, specific action plans and programs to optimize their operations.

Training Programs and Seminars
EAI’s training programs and seminars are based on, and encompass, real-world management and executive experience. Of equal importance is that they are premised on solid and diverse academic principles and management theory.

Keynote Speaking
Mr. Mault has addressed many audiences nationally and internationally on a variety of topics. He brings knowledge, experience, humor and motivational and leadership skills to every speaking engagement.

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